Hurricane Ian moves through Virginia as death toll rises in Florida and Carolinas

After battering Florida and the Carolinas with a combined death toll of at least 70, Hurricane Ian moved northeast through Virginia as a weakened storm early Sunday, lashing rain and possibilities of flooding in West Virginia, Maryland and southern Pennsylvania.

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  • When God’s people crave a king

    Do you know the King? If not, what are you waiting for? Repent of your sins and “believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved” (Acts 16:31). The craving for an earthly leader will then begin to pale in comparison to your craving for the King of kings, especially as you walk closely with your King everyday.

  • Fighting for freedom for the world’s most repressed country

    She told the Korea Herald, “I would cry out to God, ‘Why did you put this on me?’ And a few times in my life, I really heard God’s voice. He answered me: 'I was just answering your prayer.' And then I remembered how I had prayed very specifically that God would break my heart for what was breaking His, and I realized what was happening in North Korea was breaking God’s heart.”

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'Live a martyr's life': Hundreds march in DC to raise their voices for persecuted Christians

Hundreds of Americans from around the country gathered on the National Mall Saturday for the third-annual March for the Martyrs. Religious freedom advocates called on American Christians to learn from those overseas who chose to die rather than renounce their belief in Jesus Christ.

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