200 Hindu radicals attack Christians at house church in India

A mob of about 200 Hindu nationalists attacked a house church during its worship service in India’s eastern state of Chhattisgarh, injuring at least two Christians, including the pastor, forcing families of five congregants to flee the village and forcibly converting a Christian woman to Hinduism, according to a report.

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  • When Jesus isn't enough, nothing is

    Believer, check your heart with the Lord. If you are asking for a mentor (or anything else, really), ask yourself, why? Ask yourself, are you at a place where if the Lord said, “No” you will still believe you’ve gained in this life simply because you have Him?

  • The strange fate of 'Hamilton' and 'Harry Potter'

    Years ago, when teaching at seminary, I used to tell the students that moral relevance in the modern world was a cruel and fickle mistress. However much Christians accommodated themselves to her demands, sooner or later she would want more. Christian morality and the morality of the world simply could not be reconciled in the long term.

  • COVID policies: Stop treating children as political pawns

    Instead of serving as a calming voice of reason, some adults have contributed to the escalating hysteria — ignoring the facts for fleeting and misguided feelings, along with politically motivated concerns surrounding the virus. Never mind reality. Instead, they’ve developed a George Costanza philosophy – “It’s not a lie if you believe it.” 

  • Christians should obey the command to 'fear not'

    Instead of being afraid of the Omicron variant, humans should be afraid of what happens after death. Where we spend eternity should be of utmost concern to us in this perilous time when persecutions, killings, natural disasters, accidents and pandemics have continued to occur regularly. Let us therefore boldly walk unto the Throne of Grace in this time of trouble, to obtain God's mercy.

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People uncertain about their relationship with God more likely to suffer mental distress: study

People who are uncertain about their relationship with God are more likely to experience mental distress than other believers, a new analysis from researchers at Union University and Westmont College suggests. Researchers W. Matthew Henderson and Blake Victor Kent conclude that “anxiety or a lack of certainty about one’s relationship with the divine represents a threat to psychological well-being.”

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