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How Christians can think biblically about Biden's economic plan

The discussion around minimum wage and corporate taxes is heating up as lawmakers work on getting policy through Congress. How can Christians think biblically about these issues? When President Biden unveiled his $2.2 trillion infrastructure plan in March, and details became public knowledge, it became clear that raising taxes was a central goal. To his credit, Candidate Biden said he would raise taxes and he now President Biden seems poised to do just that. At least he kept his word.


  • Ask Chuck: Should I move for the financial incentives?

    My wife and I want to escape the high taxes in California. She thinks we should look into a place offering moving incentives. We have two young children; so now may be the best time to move. What advice can you offer on these moving incentives? 

  • What Jack Phillips would say differently to gay couple he refused to make wedding cake (interview)

    The Christian Post talked with Colorado baker Jack Phillips, covering topics such as why he wrote his soon-to-be-released book, the struggle to convey his beliefs to critics, and how he felt about one conservative activist’s efforts to sue bakeries that refused to make an antigay cake.

  • Christian leaders form new site to 'stop corporate tyranny'

    Recent weeks have seen a renewed focus of the conservative Christian movement on “woke capital.” Following corporate denouncements of the new Georgia voting law, many Christians and conservatives are looking for ways to resist the growing tide within corporate America of partisan activism. 

  • Solomon on ‘woke capitalism’

    Those of us who appreciate the free market in a free economy, where the civil leaders are restrained to enforcing fair and predictable rules that everyone can operate by, might be tempted to think that the wise should tend to succeed. If so, then our present situation of Leftist Corporate culture and advocacy is hard to understand.

  • Pastor fraudulently got $1.5M in PPP loans then splurged on 39 cars including Tesla

    Pastor Rudolph Brooks Jr., founder and senior pastor of the Kingdom Tabernacle of Restoration Ministries in Washington, D.C., is now facing up to 20 years in prison after he was arrested for fraudulently obtaining more than $1.5 million from the Paycheck Protection Program, which he then splurged on personal expenses, including 39 cars.

  • Q&A on Big Tech censorship going beyond conservative politics

    Reporting and commentary on big tech censorship has largely been about conservative viewpoints. We’ve revealed that the issue runs deeper than that and includes religious viewpoints as well.

  • Why $15 minimum wage is bad policy, has no biblical support

    The argument that not paying people a “living wage” is immoral and, therefore, unbiblical, is prevalent in discussions with Christians on this topic. But, before we can label something immoral and tie it to a biblical mandate, we must first answer the question about what a “living wage” is and where it should be applied.