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11 signs you are a functional atheist

Obviously, they are primarily informed by secular humanism and don't understand how to integrate their personal faith with public policy. Those who are not informed by Scripture regarding their world and life view are functional atheists in this area.

4 reasons the Church is in a bad state

This is where we fail in spectacular fashion. How can we possibly win souls when we are representing Him so poorly?

Yes, trans surgeries are being done on minors. Here's proof.

Speak to anyone who has endured an abusive relationship and they'll tell you that one of the worst forms of psychological manipulation that narcissistic abusers employ is gaslighting, wherein the abuser makes the abused party think they’re crazy. The corporate media has mastered this tactic with so-called “gender-affirming care,” refining it to a T.

'Why did this happen?' Thoughts on the horrific shooting at Robb Elementary School

We have all been devastated by the unimaginable news that 19 innocent children and one teacher have been shot and killed on the campus of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The heart of America was ripped out this sad day. This is every parent's worst nightmare and our hearts are all breaking, but none are feeling the pain that those families who lost their precious loved ones are experiencing right now.

Don’t celebrate the decline of mainline churches

The whole world, to the extent it benefits from America’s political and economic capital, can thank, at least partly, Mainline Protestantism. Its failures and decline of the last half century don’t negate its unprecedented accomplishments of the previous three centuries.

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