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'Why did this happen?' Thoughts on the horrific shooting at Robb Elementary School

We have all been devastated by the unimaginable news that 19 innocent children and one teacher have been shot and killed on the campus of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The heart of America was ripped out this sad day. This is every parent's worst nightmare and our hearts are all breaking, but none are feeling the pain that those families who lost their precious loved ones are experiencing right now.

Don’t celebrate the decline of mainline churches

The whole world, to the extent it benefits from America’s political and economic capital, can thank, at least partly, Mainline Protestantism. Its failures and decline of the last half century don’t negate its unprecedented accomplishments of the previous three centuries.

The dangerous legal structures of Hillsong Church

Attorney Stephen Lentz, the father of Carl Lentz who would become Hillsong’s most popular American pastor, drew up the articles of incorporation for Hillsong Ministries USA, Inc., and used language common to many televangelist churches’ governing documents. Stephen Lentz wrote in Article 6, “The Corporation shall have no members.”

Andy Stanley’s tweet about the Bible is seductive and harmful

It should trouble us greatly anytime someone holds a different view of the Written Word than the one held by the Living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ. It ultimately leads to making our own opinions, beliefs, and experiences the authority rather than God’s revelation.

Are there more wars in our future after Ukraine?

Wars and rumors of wars can be a frightening prospect to those who have no idea what’s coming. But for the Christian who has studied the Bible, the escalation of aggression we are seeing is just one more indicator that we draw closer to the end.

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  • The significance of overturning Roe

    Whole generations of women have been born into a pro-abortion culture, to the point that it is not just an accepted moral right. It has also become a sacred rite.

  • Biden admin. must act on Christian persecution in Nigeria

    Religious liberty is a foundational freedom. No society that denies its people the right to worship according to their beliefs, or which allows that right to come under attack without consequence, can claim to be good in any other way.

  • Violence in the name of 'Jane’s Revenge'

    And now, in the name of Jane Roe, anarchists and ANTIFA-types are carrying out acts of vandalism and damage of pregnancy centers that simply exist to provide loving alternatives to abortion.

  • 3 R's for raising emotionally healthy boys

    When I track through these stories, boys can often trace the events and identify where they got a signal they ignored or coaching from a parent they bypassed. They might even remember being told they were about to make things worse for themselves, and yet somehow the Hulk emerged.

  • The Marxist dream of dethroning God must fail

    It’s time for Americans, particularly young Americans, to stem the tide. Let’s follow the admonition of our Lord from Proverbs 14:34 that “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”  Teach our young to value righteousness, and condemn Marx and his attempts to dethrone God. 

  • Pro-abortion violence and officials noncompliance: A dagger aimed at the heart of the rule of law

    I cannot think, however, of a greater threat to our nation’s rule of law, the bedrock of our entire legal system, than having public officials exercise a self-proclaimed “right” to disobey and ignore laws with which they are in disagreement — laws which they have taken an oath to enforce.

  • Ask Chuck: Is the American economy doomed?

    I’m concerned about our economy tanking. Larry Burkett wrote a lot about our national debt and out-of-control federal spending that would likely lead to hyperinflation. Where do you think our economy is headed?

  • Trump has too much baggage

    I appreciate all the good that Donald Trump did during his presidency and am grateful to him for his deep solidarity with Christian conservatives. But we cannot endure a repeat of the bad he brought as well and, quite frankly, we have other, better choices.