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March 10, 2020: Churches close amid coronavirus outbreak, youth pastor killed, apologetics ministry

March 10, 2020: Churches close amid coronavirus outbreak, youth pastor killed, apologetics ministry

Tuesday, March 10, 2020:

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— Seattle churches urged to close amid coronavirus outbreak

Churches in Washington State have been urged to cancel worship gatherings due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Presbytery of Seattle, which is part of the PCUSA, asked that churches follow health department guidelines by not holding large gatherings in order to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Washington state has experienced the worst of the global coronavirus outbreak, with 128 of the now 500 confirmed cases in the nation.

Many megachurches in the state closed their campuses on Sunday and instead streamed their services online for worshipers.

— Pregnant Ala. youth pastor killed in crash

A pregnant youth pastor in Alabama was killed in a car crash late Saturday. Her husband was left critically injured.

Breanna Eaton was 24 and had served at Lynn Church of God. She and her husband were on their way home from a women’s conference and they had just sung “Ain’t No Grave (Can Hold My Body Down).” Eaton was eight months pregnant when another vehicle struck theirs.

The church said Eaton made a “remarkable” impact in people’s lives and has asked for prayer.

— TV show gives Christians in Iran platform to share testimonies

An interactive satellite television program is giving a platform to Iran’s “secret” Christians to share their testimonies.

Amid persecution in the country, SAT-7 airs a news talk show called “Signal” on its Farsi-speaking channel and offers opportunities for Iranian Christians to speak words of hope.

The show’s host, Reza Jafari, says Iran has the fastest growing home church in the world.

— City in Minnesota celebrates ‘Abortion Providers Appreciation Day’

St. Paul, Minnesota, is recognizing Tuesday as Abortion Providers Appreciation Day. Sen. Mark Johnson, from R-East Grand Forks, said he was “saddened."

He said, "Movements like this are indicative of the moral decline occurring in Minnesota and across our country. As a father of three, I understand the sanctity of life and the joy that children bring to this world.”

— Why do some churches reject apologetics ministry?

Dena Davidson oversees the Thrive Apologetics Conference at Bayside Church in California and she wants churches to see the value of apologetics. But she has come across many pastors who have rejected it.

She believes some have had bad experiences with it, with apologetics wrongly being used to tear people down. But rather than dismiss apologetics altogether, it has to be done better, she said.

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