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May 31, 2019: Disney boycott, Bible literacy in schools, PCA rejects Revoice, choir members killed, God's Garage

May 31, 2019: Disney boycott, Bible literacy in schools, PCA rejects Revoice, choir members killed, God's Garage

Friday, May 31, 2019 

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 — Disney is threatening to quit doing business in Georgia after the state passed a new law regulating abortion.

Walt Disney’s Chief Executive Bob Iger said it would be difficult for the company to shoot films in Georgia if its employees refused to work there.

Earlier this month, Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp signed a bill into law that bans abortion once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detected.

Netflix and Warner Brothers also said they might stop producing movies and TV shows in Georgia after the law is implemented.

Georgia’s abortion law is expected to go into effect January 1st next year.

— One in 10 Americans say they support the idea of having Bible history electives in public schools, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll.

Those polled were asked if they believe states should require schools to offer history classes that teach only about the Bible and no other religious text.

Such classes are already legally recognized in seven states, including Kentucky.

At least 10 states introduced legislation this year that would require public schools to offer Bible classes but would not allow texts from atheists or other religions to be offered as electives, says Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

—  A regional body of the Presbyterian Church in America has denounced a group that supports LGBT-identified Christians called Revoice. 

In a 16-page report, the Central Carolina Presbytery committee said they don’t believe Revoice is “helping Christians navigate questions of gender and sexuality.”

The Presbytery committee did commend Revoice for adhering to “biblical marriage” and “for their desire to help sexual strugglers stay rooted in Christ and in historic orthodoxy.”

Nate Collins, president and founder of Revoice, said the report reveals that a number of misunderstandings and mischaracterizations remain” about the group.

Last year’s Revoice Conference generated controversy over concerns it would promote LGBT ideology within conservative churches.

Revoice will hold its second annual conference on June 5th through 8th in St. Louis.

— Four members of a Virginia church choir were killed Tuesday night when their van was rear-ended on the way to a revival meeting.

The van was carrying eleven people from Shiloh Baptist Church of Blackstone.

As the van turned to enter the parking lot of Mount Zion Baptist Church in Dinwiddie County, a truck pulling a trailer full of metal slammed into it.

Pastor Joseph Fields said he was greeting people at the revival when he heard a loud boom. He and others ran over to help but they were unable to open the van’s doors.

The driver of the truck that crashed into the church van suffered minor injuries. Charges against him are pending.

— A former pastor in Texas is blessing widows, single mothers and military wives with free car repairs.

Chris Williams, who’s known as “PC” around his nonprofit auto shop called God’s Garage, says he knows what it’s like to not have enough money to pay for car repairs.

Seven years ago as a youth pastor he saw a member of his church and her child walking in the rain. He offered them a ride and learned that the mother’s car was in the shop but she couldn’t afford to get it out.

That’s when he decided to start working toward his dream of opening a free garage.

Since 2012, God’s Garage volunteers have repaired more than 200 cars and given away 100 restored vehicles to women in need.  

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