4 interesting moments from final day of Barrett's confirmation hearings

Former law clerk vouches for Barrett, her ‘former boss’ and ‘cherished mentor’

Amanda Rauh-Bieri, one of Barrett’s former law clerks, appeared in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee via video to testify in favor of her confirmation.

Describing Barrett as “a former boss and a cherished mentor,” Rauh-Bieri praised her as a “person of the highest character.” She proceeded to recall her experience working with Barrett on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

“From the very beginning, I saw Judge Barrett exhibit the rare and unique set of qualities that make her an exemplary judge. She’s a brilliant thinker, she analyzes and writes about legal issues with striking clarity and precision. She is patient, thoughtful and compassionate,” she said.

“Judge Barrett is dedicated and disciplined and as a judge, she’s committed above all else to the rule of law,” Rauh-Bieri added. “As she has said and as I have seen, Judge Barrett understands that policy decisions must be left to the political branches. The role of a judge is to enforce the law as written.”

“I have seen Judge Barrett put that unwavering commitment to the law in action in every case before her. She approaches each case with an open mind. She commits to the idea that either side might, in the end, have the better legal argument.

"Judge Barrett’s open-mindedness is grounded in her compassion. She has spoken about viewing each decision from the perspective of the losing party. I saw her put that ethic into practice.”

Rauh-Bieri acknowledged that “it would be easier in many ways not to take this more demanding approach but I learned from Judge Barrett that the law is about fairness over efficiency and that every member of society and every party that comes before the court is entitled to equal justice.” She assured members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that Barrett “applies the law fairly and reaches the result that is required.”

She also praised Barrett’s “determination and discipline.” “She never takes a shortcut. She thoroughly examines the facts and the applicable law in each case. She is an intensely hard worker.”

“She sees the value in discourse and … she fosters that value in her clerks, teaching us to be open and curious and humble about the law and life,” Rauh-Bieri said. The former law clerk proceeded to detail how “Judge Barrett’s impact on my life runs far deeper than legal training.”

“I would not have the confidence to be here speaking to this committee without Judge Barrett’s influence in my life. Judge Barrett has the rare gift of lifting everyone around her,” she stated. “She knows how to bring out the best in her clerks, spurring each of us to excellence.”

While Rauh-Bieri acknowledged that “Judge Barrett has her own large family,” she maintained that “that didn’t stop her from treating her clerks like family too.” “She cared deeply about each of us, investing time and encouraging us to cultivate rich, fulfilling and well-rounded lives, both in and beyond the law.”

Describing clerking for Barrett as an honor, Rauh-Bieri predicted that as a Supreme Court justice, Barrett “would be a role model for generations to come as she is for me.” 

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