6 Popular Megachurch Bands That Are Reinventing Worship

Vertical Worship

Vertical Worship
Vertical Worship - Josh/Robert/Eddie/Lauren/Kyle/Andi/Tara/James/Judd/Jake/Jon/Valerie/Kyle, posted May 22, 2018 |

The Vertical Worship band kicked off at their home church, Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago, Illinois. Led by Andi Rozier, Lauren Smith, Tara Cruz, Jake France, Judd Harris and Jon Guerram, the group direct worship every week in one of the seven Harvest campuses across Chicagoland.

The worship group released its newest album, Bright Faith Bold Future, in April and reached over 10 million streams on Spotify. Their hit single "Yes I Will" also had 5 million downloads.

"Every band on the planet hopes that the new songs they release will be well received, and trusting in the audience who receives it to connect with the message of the song itself. For Bright Faith Bold Future, the band has been overwhelmed with the reception of these honest songs and their hopeful message," Andy Rozier, worship pastor at the Elgin Campus of Harvest Bible Chapel, told CP.

"People from across the world are responding to us about songs like 'Yes I Will,' as the message gives them the language in choosing to look above the circumstances of 'the day,' not just in their church, but in their workplace, cars, kitchens and beyond; joining us in honoring the One we're writing these songs for in the first place," he added. 

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