Book of Revelation Comes to Life in 'The Messengers,' Says Actor; New Series Features Humans Turning Into Angels, the Rapture and the Devil

Jon Fletcher
Jon Fletcher stars on the CW's "The Messengers." |

A star from The CW's "The Messengers" Jon Fletcher offered more insight to the new Rapture-based television series premiering this week, including its roots in the Bible's Book of Revelation.

Kicking off this Friday, April 17, "The Messengers" follows five individuals who suddenly die as a result of a comet striking the earth. After becoming Angels, each of the five victims gain special powers and are returned to earth in order to fight a Satan-like character known as The Man during the Armageddon. Speaking to The Christian Post ahead of the series premiere, Fletcher revealed that "The Messengers" was "built around the Book of Revelations."

"I think with any television or movie or something, there is a little dramatic license that has to be taken - the Bible wasn't written to be a screenplay, so adapting it is difficult, but I would say we stick pretty close," the actor explained. "I would definitely say the foundation of the show is built around the Book of Revelation and I would say the show is driven by faith, but I think it more speaks to a faith in each other and in humanity."

Fletcher, who portrays the son of a megachurch pastor in Texas on the series, explained that each of the five main characters offers something to the multi-faceted faith angle of "The Messengers."

"They are very flawed, very human, all with different backgrounds, all with different belief systems which makes it very relatable to an audience, regardless of your belief system," said the actor. "That's what keeps the show very grounded."

However, Fletcher refused to define "The Messengers" as simply a television series about religion.

"If you say it's about religion - that can be quite scary for people who are questioning their faith, or to people who even don't have any," Fletcher continued. "But I think the show is very much reflection of the world we live in. Everyone is looking at it from a different world view."

In fact, "The Messengers" centers on a group of people who all must reckon with their different beliefs in order to survive amidst the Rapture.

"One of these doctrines actually came to pass - the Book of Revelation is actually coming to life," the actor added. "People have to listen to people's differences instead of ignore them, which is I think, a beautiful thing that the show puts forward. I think we could all be a little better at in our day-to-day life."

Meanwhile, Fletcher immersed himself into the role of Joshua, a charismatic and influential pastor, by studying several famed televangelists, ranging from the iconic Billy Graham to The City Church's Judah Smith.

"There wasn't one person I focused on particularly, I watched hours of footage thanks to the internet," Fletcher said. "Judah Smith, Carl Lentz, Joel Osteen, Billy Graham - a variety of current guys and guys who have come and gone. All of them are so passionate and inspiring, it was interesting to see these modern-day guys who find ways to make themselves more relatable, like Carl Lentz, who has a shaved head and wears a leather jacket and has tattoos and looks like some guy you would meet in the street. I did a lot [of research], it was fascinating - these guys are all very inspiring men."

Among Fletcher's co-stars is Diogo Morgado, an actor best known for his role in the Roma Downey, Mark Burnett-produced hit "Bible" series. Where Morgado portrayed Jesus in the "Bible" series, the actor takes on the role of devil-like character "The Man" on "The Messengers."

"It's a testament to him as an actor that he can play those extremes characters at both ends of the spectrum," Fletcher said of Morgado's transition.

"The Messengers" also stars Shantel VanSanten of "One Tree Hill" and Sofia Black-D'Elia of "Gossip Girls," and the new television series premieres on The CW this Friday, April 17 at 9 p.m. ET.

Watch a trailer for "The Messengers" here.

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