Churchill, the New Chaldeans, and the cancel culture

Sir Winston Churchill was a “white supremacist”, and the civilization he struggled to save was “worse than the Nazis.”

This opinion was stated by an academic at Churchill College, Cambridge. The professor was a participant in an official discussion group whose topic was, “Racial Consequences of Mr. Churchill.”[1]

Wallace Henley
Wallace Henley, former Senior Associate Pastor of 2nd Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. |

Churchill, like all of us, was a fallen human being, and sometimes his remarks were excessive and offensive. However, the Cambridge don and other members of the panel who are people of color might not have existed at all had Churchill not led a powerful resistance against the Nazis. Hitler would have imposed the Third Reich and its distorted racial views globally.

Twenty years after the Second World War I lived briefly in Nuremberg and could drive by the site where Hitler planned to build the capitol of the world. The site’s very existence confirmed that the monster’s goals ultimately encompassed every nation.

Hitler’s vicious soldiers would have doubtless herded ancestors of the British academics into concentration camps and their gas chambers.

The Cambridge scholars should be giving God thanks that Churchill won the stare-down with Hitler.

Sadly, the Cancel Churchill crusade is now underway. Perhaps President Biden did not intend it, but his removal of a Churchill statue from the Oval Office recently could be interpreted as a dismissal of Churchill, as I noted in a previous column.

Is it only a matter of time before the Churchill statues standing in London across from the Houses of Parliament, and in Washington in front of the British Embassy are pulled down? Both dramatically depict the courage and determination of the man who gave himself boldly for the survival of “Christian Civilization.”

He could even use the term publicly in his day. As the fiery summer of 1940 was about to burst on the British people, Churchill, in a radio broadcast, told his nation and the world that the Battle of Britain was about to begin. Then he dared to say: “Upon this battle hinges the survival of Christian Civilization.”

Thus, in 1940 Churchill was violating twenty-first century political correctness. Add this to contemporary accusations of racism, and the present keepers of political correctness will seek his cancellation.

And who are the keepers of political correctness today?
The “New Chaldeans,” that’s who.

In the period when the Prophet Daniel was a captive in Babylon, the Chaldean class determined the social and cultural canon that defined the national consensus. King Nebuchadnezzar ordered Daniel and his fellow Hebrew exiles to be indoctrinated in the teaching and social correctness of the Chaldeans: embrace the national consensus “or else.”

Daniel refused because compliance with Chaldean thought, practice, and ritual would violate the sacred principles God had given the Jews ages before.

Thus, “Daniel determined that he would not defile himself by eating the king’s food or drinking his wine.”[2]

The “Chaldean” class is seen across history in many forms: The Equestrian nobles of ancient Rome, the plebians... the aristocracies of Renaissance Europe... the Ancien Regime of pre-revolutionary France... then the Committee of Public Safety during the French Revolution ... the KKK in some areas of the American Deep South during segregation... the Council of Peoples’ Commissars in the Communist take-over of Russia in 1917... Mao’s Red Guard during the Cultural Revolution in China...

Any powerful group within a society that seeks to establish control, set boundaries on, and determine propriety of thought and expression is playing the “Chaldean” role.

Such an elite exists today in Western Civilization, and to run afoul of it brings one to the precipice of “cancellation.”

Dr. James Dobson had this in mind when he said of our contemporary situation: “The few remaining voices of reason and truth in the public square are being censored by big tech, expelled by corporate thought police, and twisted by the fake media.”[3]

As I have written in previous columns, the contemporary consensus establishment that seeks to determine, define, defend, and disseminate the acceptable worldview and its values consists of the following elites:

  • The Information Establishment

This group can spin and then inundate society on the widest scale with carefully shaped information and propaganda.

  • The Entertainment Establishment

This set of elites has impressive abilities to create delusion that makes the good look bad and the bad good through the distortion of reality.

  • The Academic Establishment

These seek to give authoritative historic support for theories of political correctness. Their aim is intellectual credentialing of the worldview preached by their fellow-consensus makers.

  • The Political Establishment

This authoritarian institution seeks to make the consensus permanent and force it on the culture through the enactment of law and public policy.

  • The Corporate Establishment

The hucksters latch on to what sells and who sells it best. They pitch to a public hooked into the consensus and the products that emerges from it.

This conglomerate of heavy weights is impressive and intimidating. In Nazi Germany, the right-wing comprised the consensus around Hitler. In contemporary Western Civilization the consensus establishment is dominated by the left.

As long as that is the case leftist powerholders will be elected and appointed to office. Any conservative candidate must run not only against the other party but against the increasingly daunting encirclement of elites who make up the Consensus Establishment.

Not even an Abe Lincoln or a Winston Churchill, both of whom have been declared “unclean” by one set of elites or another, could win in such an environment.         

What can be done about this? Daniel provided an answer centuries ago. We explore this in the next column.

[1] The Racial Consequences of Mr Churchill - Churchill College (

[2] Daniel 1:8, The Message Bible

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Wallace B. Henley’s fifty-year career has spanned newspaper journalism, government in both White House and Congress, the church, and academia. He is author or co-author of more than 20 books. He is a teaching pastor at Grace Church, the Woodlands, Texas.

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