'High hopes': Evangelical leaders react to Israel's new prime minister

Christian Zionists call for prayer, support of new gov't

Mike Evans

Mike Evans, a prominent American-Chrisitan Zionist pastor and founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team and Friends of Zion Heritage Center, has been a confidant of multiple prime ministers of Israel. But he did not share the hopeful tone of other evangelical leaders. 

Evans was highly critical of the Israeli election that led to Netanyahu being ousted as prime minister and compared it to a “political striptease show” in a recent Times of Israel op-ed. 

“These amateur nobodies are making a mockery of the beautiful woman I love, Israel,” Evans wrote.

“These clowns are entertaining Israel’s enemies,” Evans continued. “...  All the sacrifices that have been made to birth this precious nation, all the blood that’s been shed, and these fools are willing to destroy it.”

He called it an election not to improve Israelis’ lives but to “crucify a man they hate” and said they were willing to “destroy the nation to do it.” 

“Your commander-in-chief, flawed Benjamin Netanyahu, just won a war with Gaza and did not sacrifice the lives of your soldiers,” he wrote. “And for that you cry, ‘Crucify him, crucify him!’”

Evans pledged to use the rest of his life to prevent Israel from being destroyed. 

“Everything we evangelicals have sacrificed our lives to build they’re destroying,” Evans said. “While Rome burns, they fiddle. I will only have one mission in life left, to use every bit of my energy and power to destroy these fools before they destroy the nation.”

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