Kirk Cameron urges 40 million Christians who sat out in 2016 to go vote: ‘There’s too much at stake’

Kirk Cameron
Kirk Cameron's 9/11 tribute at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, on September 11, 2016. |

Actor and Christian activist Kirk Cameron is calling non-active Christian voters to head to the polls today to cast their votes, warning that our liberties are at stake.

In 2016 an estimated 40 million Christians reportedly did not vote. Leading up to this election, Cameron launched the show "Non-Essential Live" where he and several other Christian leaders partnered together to bring awareness to what the ongoing lockdowns mean for believers and what the future could be for Christianity if Christians fail to exercise their right to vote. 

“This is an unbelievable time in the history of our country. One of the things that I see out here in California are these unbelievably weird and strange controlling lockdowns that are being placed on people of faith in particular,” the “Fireproof” star told CBN News in a recent interview. 

“So much of what we value appears to be under attack. We can't meet in our churches, even though the case rate and the death rate in our county is less than 1/100th of 1%. It seems as though essential liberties like the ability to gather, the freedom of speech, and so many other things are being deemed non-essential, while other things are being called essential — like the ability to get together inside of a weed shop or a liquor store, or a casino, or an abortion clinic,” he emphasized.

The purpose of "Non-Essential Live" was to look into states' restrictions that are being imposed on Americans in response to COVID-19. Their goal was to pull back what they described as the “mask of deception” that's stifling those who love liberty.

“We offer solutions so that we can fight for those essential liberties that our forefathers fought for, that our Constitution lays out,” Cameron said. 

Despite President Donald Trump’s success with winning a majority of the white evangelical vote in 2016, Cameron believes there's a demographic that hasn't exercised their right to vote, and their inaction could put the nation's freedoms in jeopardy. 

"Forty million are the registered Christian voters who chose not to vote. But there's twice that number who aren't even registered,” the actor stressed. “So you have actually 120 million Christians who have chosen not to vote in presidential elections like this."

Cameron remains hopeful, however, because he says people are more motivated than ever in this particular election. 

"As I traveled the country this year, speaking to people in churches all over the nation, I'm finding that the enthusiasm level for this election is unique,” he added. “2016 had a lot of evangelicals coming out to vote, but it's nothing compared to what I'm seeing now." 

He believes the push has come from the unique experiences 2020 brought on the country with a global pandemic, social unrest, and so much division.

“People of faith are waking up to the scary reality that socialism is knocking on our door,” he said. “It's disguised in costumes like public safety and social justice.” 

“That is a big part of why we created 'Non-Essential,' and why millions of people have already watched it and are telling others to watch it. Because it not only unmasks the deception but it offers solutions," he added. "One of those solutions is we can vote. We have the privilege to vote, and we cannot sit this one out. There is way too much at stake.”

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