Lecrae Says Police Officer Pulled Gun on Him: 'I Thought I Was Gonna Die' (Video)

Rapper Lecrae performs in front of 4,000 people at Infinite Energy Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday, Sept. 23, 2016, for Harvest Atlanta. |

Hip-hop artist Lecrae is gearing up to release his new album, All Things Work Together, and during a promotional interview he revealed that he was recently pulled over by a police officer at gunpoint.

"I was visiting a friend and I couldn't figure out where I was going, so I'm driving really slow downtown and I parked my car," Lecrae said in an interview with Power 106, Los Angeles.

Lecrae said he didn't realize he was being pulled over at the same time he was parking at his friend's house.

"There were police lights on behind me but in the area of town I was at, I just assumed they were pulling somebody else over. I didn't know the lights were on for me. So I'm getting out the car to go into the building, as soon as I open the door he's like, 'Get back in the car,' guns drawn," Lecrae said as he described his encounter with the police officer.

"I didn't know what's going on. I thought I was gonna die."

The Atlanta resident went on to explain that he was pulled over because while driving slowly, he rolled past a stop sign that was covered by trees.

"It was really wild because I just saw myself as Philando in that moment," he added. "It was super scary."