So. Baptist Convention's First Black President Nominates Fellow New Orleans Pastor to Lead Denomination

Southern Baptist Convention
Messengers at the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting vote on a resolutions report by raising ballots June 16, 2015, during the afternoon session at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. |

A nominee for the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention who is not expected to be elected has stated that he is in the race because its "the right thing to do."

David Crosby, pastor of First Baptist Church of New Orleans, was nominated by former SBC President Fred Luter back in March.

The other two nominees are Pastor Steve Gaines of the Memphis, Tennessee-based Bellevue Baptist Church and J.D. Greear, pastor of The Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina.

David Crosby
Dr. David Crosby, pastor of First Baptist Church of New Orleans, preaching a sermon in 2015. |

In an interview with The Christian Post, Crosby explained that he was aware that Gaines and Greear were considered more likely to be elected SBC president.

"I did not enter this race because I thought I would win. I entered because I felt it was the right thing to do. In the process I have spoken my mind about what I think is of first importance. I am content whatever the outcome," said Crosby.

"A number of SBC leaders have indicated their support for my candidacy and their intention to vote for me. I know a number of pastors who are making the trip to St Louis primarily to cast their vote for me. Of course, among them are three of my brothers."

Crosby also told CP that if elected president he wants "to change the tone of our dialogue both among ourselves and with the culture at large."

"Everything we say should be spoken in love. God's love for us is the transforming reality of our lives. Our response of love for God and others is the true fulfillment of all our spiritual obligations. If we are not known for our love, then we are misrepresenting the Savior," continued Crosby.

"Our love for God is evidenced in love for neighbor. I want all of our 46,000 churches, including my own, to take a step up in loving the people around us--our own members, our neighbors, the strangers, and our enemies."

The SBC presidential election will take place as part of the Protestant denomination's annual Convention, scheduled to begin next Tuesday in St. Louis, Missouri.

SBC spokesman Sing Oldham explained to CP that the election process for officers including the position of president will take place Tuesday afternoon.

"Nominating speeches for officers of the Convention shall be limited to one address of not more than three minutes for each nominee. Election of officers shall be by ballot," explained Oldham.

"If an officer does not receive a majority of votes cast on the first ballot, subsequent ballots shall carry the names of those who are included in the top 50 percent of the total votes cast in the previous ballot. Should a run-off election be needed, it will be held at the "Election of Officers (Second)" at 3:10 on Tuesday afternoon."

Oldham also told CP that there is a chance that someone else may be added to the list of candidates, since people can be nominated at the Convention.

"As of now, three nominators have indicated their intent to nominate three different candidates. There is no requirement that nominators announce their intent ahead of time. Additional nominators may approach the platform at the appointed time to nominate additional individuals," continued Oldham.

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