Three Colorado Kids Shown Returning Wallet Full of Money by a Doorbell Camera

Kids say they thought returning the wallet 'would be a good thing to do'

Reagan Wenke, Haylie Wenke and Ashley Dayton have been praised by people online for returning a wallet they found |

Three kids from Aurora, Colorado were captured on video by a doorbell camera as they returned a wallet full of money to its rightful owner.

A video posted on Facebook by Jamie Carlton shows three kids walking up to the doorway with one of them holding a wallet in hand. Upon ringing the doorbell, they are greeted by a security system informing them that the people in the home were away and that a camera was recording them.

After hearing the message, one of the kids tells the homeowner that they found a wallet outside of their car and that they would leave it near the doorway so that no one else could stumble upon it and take what was inside.

The kids then walk away and go back to their bikes.

Carlton called the kids "amazing" for what they did and said that their parents should be proud of them.

The kids have since been identified as 13-year-old Haylie Wenke, her brother Reagan, who is 6 years old, and their friend Ashley Dayton, according to the Good News Network.

Speaking to CBS Denver, Haylie said that part of the reason for why they returned the wallet is because they feared that someone else might take it.