Tomorrowland' Festival Promoting 'Luciferian' Beliefs Comes to Jerusalem, Messianic Jewish Believers Warn

Tomorrowland electronic music festival 2015 kicked off in Boom, Belgium. |

Kehila News Israel, a news site based in Israel and run by Messianic Jewish believers, has warned that the "Tomorrowland" electronic music festival is promoting occult beliefs and practices that go against the Bible, and urged Christians to stand in prayer against it.

The music festival, which takes place in Belgium but is live-streamed around the world, seeks to unite people from different countries in what it says is a "unique" and "magical" atmosphere.

Kehila News Israel, an information portal of the Messianic community in Israel, wrote a detailed analysis on "Tomorrowland," noting that the festival synthesizes musical performances with "fairy tale" stories apparently made to promote the "Luciferian, Wiccan and Hindu religion."

The news agency wrote in its report that "Tomorrowland" is coming to the 11,000-seat Payis Arena Stadium in the Holy City of Jerusalem for the first time this year, but warned that although secular news sources promote it only as a music festival, there are more sinister themes behind it.

"The concepts of 'life' and 'happiness,' the 'power' and 'mysteries' of the invisible world, are explored in captivating, high-budget theme clips released well ahead of each festival. Often music is not even mentioned in these introductions," Kehila News Israel Staff wrote.

"The second clue is that every single intro clip — as well as the festival kickoff ceremonies beamed from Belgium — includes the reverent opening of an animated book called The Book of Wisdom from which all the festival's 'stories' are drawn. On its cover is the logo of 'Tomorrowland,' an ambiguous design except for the 'third eye,' the traditional occult sign of spiritual enlightenment. The eye is crowned, symbolizing a claim of lordship over this spiritual power source," the agency added.

The report chronicled the various video clips and promos surrounding the festival over the years, arguing that it serves to promote various occult New Age philosophies.

The official website for "Tomorrowland" lists the artists that are participating in the event, including big-name DJs such as David Guetta, Tiesto, and Deadmau5.

Images and descriptions found throughout the website focus on promoting the "magical" vibe of the event, with an explanation of the concept behind the festival stating:

"Building bridges between Belgium and the rest of the world with a live connection from the Tomorrowland Mainstage, Live DJ sets on the local UNITE stage and the unique, magical Tomorrowland atmosphere: that's UNITE, the mirror to Tomorrowland."

Kehila News Israel reported, however, that past clips from "Tomorrowland" show that there is more than just promotion of spiritual dimensions going on, as Christian imagery, such as cathedrals and organ pipes, have also been used.

The Messianic Jewish believers added that this year's theme is focused on the concept of eternity, coming in the way of a "beautiful Wiccan maiden" roaming through a forest, stating that all people are connected through her, and that she offers a road to "eternal bliss."

Kehila News Israel rejected the notion that the music festival is coming to Jerusalem simply to spare interested Israelis travel expenses to Belgium, and argued that "Tomorrowland" is not needed to tell people that they live in a spiritual world, pointing to Ephesians 6:12 as found in the Bible.

"What can we do, those of us who love the God of Israel and His people? 'All authority in heaven and on earth' (Matthew 28:18) belongs to Yeshua, no matter what the Tomorrowland's Book of Wisdom might claim! We ask the Body of Messiah worldwide to stand with us in prayer, as we intercede for our nation of Israel and our people," the Messianic Jewish believers said.

A detailed analysis of the "Tomorrowland" imagery can be found on the Kehila News Israel website.

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