The travesty of unwanted children

That young girl’s testimony begs the question: Is the solution of not having the prospect of a good life reason enough to take away the only life one has? Absolutely not, life itself is always too precious, and the value of a child’s life is priceless.


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Brady Goodwin renounced his faith. Here is my response.

But what about the points he makes in his video? What about the feeling that we can basically make the Bible say whatever we want it to say? Or that it’s our prior theological commitments that determine how we understand Scripture?

7 signs the leaven of Herod has taken root in your life

Since Herod was a political leader, I believe it is likely that the leaven Jesus was warning against was political entanglements. I believe that such entanglements often pollute a person’s pure devotion to the Kingdom of God.

New York district attorney calls for end to prosecuting serious crimes. It’s every criminal’s lucky day in Gotham

With the departure of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and the election of Eric Adams, a Democrat who at least rhetorically voiced support for the police and law and order, some hoped that worrying crime trends in New York City would be reversed. The early signs aren’t promising.

The Bible’s accuracy vindicated … again

To put it bluntly, the Bible is not anti-science. Rather, the Bible explains why science works. And, every once in a while, the Bible offers an insight that sheds further light on an unsolved question of science.

Bob Saget, Norm Macdonald, Betty White and the afterlife

Death is something we all think about almost every day — some more than others. We should think deeply about death, but more importantly, the afterlife.

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  • True feminism: An unpopular opinion

    Truthfully, a God-fearing woman is the ultimate feminist. There is nothing more feminine and empowering than finding your God-appointed mate and creating life out of that love.

  • In woke schools, the only thing being assigned is gender

    Maybe Democrats have decided that they don't need parents to win elections. That certainly wasn't the case in Virginia, where Glenn Youngkin (R) was just inaugurated as governor because his opponent thought schools knew better than moms and dads. And it probably won't be the case in Michigan either, but that hasn't stopped the state's tone-deaf Democrats from telling parents to get out of education — and stay out.

  • Those who mourn and the sanctity of life

    In the process, I came to see that I had created a self-serving fantasy. In my innocent fiction, I was a wonderful father who raised a son who would avoid all the mistakes I had made. He would achieve everything I hadn’t.

  • Vaccines vs. living a healthy life

    People who voluntarily live an unhealthy lifestyle will not lower their blood pressure or unclog their arteries by wearing a mask or taking multiple vaccine shots. Although it is probably too much to ask, they should stop deluding themselves into thinking that they will be “safe” and healthy by following the latest dictates issued by Dr. Fauci.

  • A year of Biden’s foreign policy: Blunders, chaos and human suffering

    President Joe Biden assumed office exactly one year ago, and although he declared at a press conference yesterday that he “probably outperformed what anyone thought would happen” in his first year, Americans are frustrated — and rightfully so.

  • Embracing technology to fulfill The Great Commission

    Every technological product is a blessing from God to help us bring about the Kingdom of God. We are not enslaved to these advancements, but we can harness their power and potential for God’s ultimate plan.

  • Saul of Tarsus, Martin Luther and 3 Catholic priests

    What do Saul of Tarsus, Martin Luther, and three former Roman Catholic priests all have in common? These devout religious leaders all came to discover God’s righteousness.

  • It’s official: It’s OK to be racist if you’re the Left pushing COVID-19 mandates

    Of course, requiring proof of identification — whether along with a vaccination card or at the voting booth — is not and never has been racist, and this majority-black city run by a black mayor just proved it. The real issue here is the government attempting to coerce people into getting injected against their will and taking away their ability to use public accommodations when they refuse.