The church among the deathworks

Long ago, Nietzsche’s Madman asked the rhetorical question, “What after all are these churches now if they are not the tombs and sepulchers of God?” Sadly, it seems that too many of the gravediggers these days are members of the clergy.



Making sense of the world in madness

Poles and Jews had been living peacefully side by side for many years in Jedwabne until the Nazis arrived. Just after the German occupation, a simple question was raised by the Poles: “Is it now permissible to kill the Jews?”

'Unmasking’ critical race theory

After this week's column it would be wise for Bill to employ a food taster at Capitol Hill receptions and D.C. dinner parties. Why? It is quite simple – he has told the truth to the progressive elites, and they often react viscerally and violently to such effrontery.

Re-imaging America: Prophecy of people group against people group (pt 2)

Further, extremists on both sides of the socio-cultural divide are ready with ideological torch in hand to ignite the old prejudices and conflicts that once set the nation itself ablaze. One of the firebrands presently generating heat is critical race theory.

Stirring up the crowd: Jesus' time and today

It was the same back in Jesus’ day. His enemies didn’t have Twitter or other social media vehicles to instantly demonize a person so they had to do it the old fashioned way.

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  • We must not capitulate to China

    He explained further, “China wants to dominate the world’s economy and to have the ability to cripple the economy of the rest of the world.” And, my colleague commented, it is very possible that China could succeed.

  • Influential Southern Baptist leader resigns

    The Christian Post received a copy of Rod D. Martin's letter of resignation from the Southern Baptist Convention's Executive Committee. We felt that amid the continuing controversy in the convention over waving attorney-client privilege, it would be helpful for our readers to have the context and the perspective provided by this letter of resignation.

  • Who is the real ‘enemy of the people’?

    When the Quisha Kings and Scott Smiths in a nation are considered by the regime in power to be the enemy, it says more about the danger of the regime than those the rulers consider as threats.

  • The power and necessity of the nuclear family

    I don’t think I’m taking it too far to say that the main way we rescue the next generation is to answer this heart cry of our children. “Dad. Mom. Be with me. Come here with me.” It is the answer, truly, not only for our children but also for our nation.

  • 3 spiritual gates we must guard to protect our homes

    What voices are you listening to? Do they speak truth into your heart or do they flood your mind with lies, fears and profanities?

  • Faith-based education and the Sewanee syndrome

    Given the laudable goal of rectifying past racial inequities, one couldn’t help being struck by the irony of replacing “Otey” with “St. Paul,” who, critics have argued, was an apologist for slavery, instructing slaves to obey their masters, and making no explicit call for liberation when declaring that we are one in Christ, whether slave or free.

  • Coerced abortion in America

    As we approach the Supreme Court arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the pro-life movement must continue to be the movement of “Yes, you can! And we will be here to help you.” We must change our culture to one where instead of being told, “Abort your child or lose your job,” future police recruits are told, “Congratulations! Your baby is going to be so proud that her mommy is a police officer! Let’s talk about how we can work together to make that happen.”

  • 3 truths for moving closer to God and others

    Ultimately, God is the only right answer. He is that thing you've been looking for. Until you find your identity and meaning in God, you will always be looking for satisfaction in other places — money, social media, a job or other relationships.