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Human microchipping, End Times and Dr. Phil

And as Christians watching life unfold, we don’t get stressed because we know the ending. We know that good eventually conquers evil.

The 5 letter word Christians hesitate to use

Offensive though it may be, we must never waver in our testimony to this world — that Jesus saves from death and damnation in Hell.

The Southern Baptists’ ‘pastor’ controversy: A study in terminology’s pitfalls and their consequences

What is the controversy roiling Southern Baptists concerning the term “pastor” all about? Is it a major doctrinal disagreement or is it merely a “tempest in a teapot,” unworthy of the heat it has generated? And why, in the larger scheme of things, does it matter?

The No. 1 reason true believers leave a church

That worship expressive involves the intellect as well as the emotion, which is why worship is much more than the music selected for a service. Sadly, much of church today involves mindless delivery and rote participation that does not bring a person before the throne of God.

11 signs you are a functional atheist

Obviously, they are primarily informed by secular humanism and don't understand how to integrate their personal faith with public policy. Those who are not informed by Scripture regarding their world and life view are functional atheists in this area.

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