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6 Podcasts About Identity, Purity, Spiritual Warfare, and Our Chaotic Culture

Are you looking to build a life of purity and devotion to Christ?

By Billy Hallowell

The first show on our list is the “Let's Talk Purity” podcast, which will help you do just that. Richard and Brittni De La Mora are back to inspire you to think deeper about your faith.


In the premiere episode, they discuss how your identity will directly impact your purity and how understanding who you are in Jesus Christ will affect every aspect of your life.

“You have to get to a place where you refuse to settle,” Brittni said, encouraging listeners to find their identity in Christ so they can stop settling for miserable situations in their lives. “We have to get to this place in life where we recognize the love of Christ so much that we learn to love ourselves.”

Richard added, “Your identity is linked to your intimacy time with God.”

Listen to the powerful episode here.

Want more shows like this? Edifi, the premier app for transformational and faith-inspiring Christian podcasts, is filled with tens of thousands of shows on nearly every faith topic imaginable. Here are some of the new seasons and shows you won’t want to miss:

Crossmap Podcast

Crossmap Podcast

The Crossmap Podcast features inspiring heart-to-heart conversations with Christian newsmakers of the day, including authors, experts, pastors, and entertainers on topics that are good for the entire family while honoring your faith-based values. Join Crossmap managing editor Chris Carpenter as he engages guests in thought-provoking but light-hearted banter on subjects that shape and influence our culture through the lens of faith. Gain valuable insight on how to live a meaningful Christian life and experience laughs along the way too! Listen to the show on Edifi.

Bold and Blunt: Washington Times online opinion editor Cheryl Chumley brings her no-holds-barred take on the big issues of the day. Listen to the show on Edifi.

Billy Hallowell's Playing With Fire Podcast

Billy Hallowell's Playing With Fire Podcast

Evil is real. But are demons active today? Can evil inhabit human beings? Is exorcism real? Join investigative journalist Billy Hallowell as he delves into the strange phenomena of supernatural activity through the harrowing stories of people who believe they have experienced ultimate evil, fought a battle they never expected — and have found healing. This podcast is based on Hallowell’s book, “Playing with Fire: A Modern Investigation into Demons, Exorcism, and Ghosts.” Listen to the show on Edifi.

Cooperstuff Podcast: Cooper Stuff Podcast is an in-depth look at what drives John Cooper (lead singer of Skillet); a commentary on culture from a traditional Biblical paradigm. Has modern culture stolen your worldview? With all the screaming voices, who do you trust? How much have you been subversively influenced? Cooper Stuff aims to point out subtle and not-so-subtle influences on culture with a traditional, Biblical worldview/emphasis… while boiling complex issues down to simple language. Listen to the show on Edifi.

Counterfeit Culture With Joshua Broome

Counterfeit Culture With Joshua Broome

Counterfeit Culture With Joshua Broome: By knowing what is real, you can discern what is not. That is the central theme of the “Counterfeit Culture” podcast, a show hosted by pastor Joshua Broome. In an age of confusion, chaos and angst, Broome — an ex-porn star whose life was transformed when he discovered Christ — helps listeners cut through the noise to find Truth, weed out lies and pursue authentic, gospel-driven lives. By exploring what is true, pure and right, Broome helps listeners break free from bondage, confusion and spiritual apathy to rediscover God’s plan for them.

Want even more content beyond these podcasts for women? You’re in luck! Download the Edifi app on the Apple and Android stores to hear thousands of great Christian podcasts today. And be sure to also check out other shows in the Edifi Podcast Network!