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8 Podcasts You’ll Want to Binge: ‘The Bachelor’ Star Ben Higgins, Surviving 2021, a Chaotic Culture, the Election and More

The Edifi Podcast Network is filled with powerful podcasts you’ll want to hear. From messages about happiness to celebrity interviews, 2021 fitness tips, election tidbits and advice for living out your faith in a complex culture, we’ve got you covered! 

Here are 8 episodes and shows you won’t want to miss:

“The Crazy Happy Podcast” Discusses Surviving the 'Storms of Life,' Navigating Intense Division — and Finding Happiness Amid Chaos & Fear: As we dive deeper into 2021, Daniel Fusco and Billy Hallowell explore chaos, fear and how we can rely on God to get through the "storms of life." Fusco explains how we can find freedom no matter what our past holds — and how we can move forward after 2020. Listen to this episode on Edifi!

“Edifi With Billy Hallowell” Talks With "Bachelor" Star Ben Higgins on Purpose, Jesus and His Path to Faith (Plus: A Response to Evil): Higgins sheds light on his faith, his journey and his experience starring on the popular ABC show. Also, Billy Hallowell responds to the attack on the U.S. Capitol -- and the real issues plaguing our culture. Listen to this episode of “Edifi right now!

And on “Ask Dr. Brown,” Dr. Michael Brown Tackles What Christians Sometimes Get Wrong About the Culture Wars: This is an essential episode for anyone looking to understand where we are, how to handle politics and faith — and where we're heading. Listen to this episode right now on Edifi!

On “Idleman Unplugged,” the Topic Is All Those Prophecies of Trump's Re-Election: Pastor Shane Idleman dives into the discussion about Christian prophecies surrounding President Donald Trump’s election. Listen to this episode of “Idleman Unplugged” on Edifi!

Over at the “Vintage Truth Podcast,” Jeff Kinley Discusses How to Have Great Faith: Critical times call for courageous faith. And a massive spiritual storm is brewing, requiring our root system to be deep and strong if we are to survive. In this episode, Jeff shares how you can grow your faith to meet the challenges you face! Listen to this episode of “Vintage Truth” on Edifi!

And on “The Relationship Center” the Topic Is “Fruitfulness”: What does it mean to have the fruit of the Spirit? Ernest Wamboye, Andrew Kariuki, Deborah Rao, and David Kimani take a look at Galatians 5:16-23 on how we need to live fruitful lives. Listen to this episode of “The Relationship Center” on Edifi!

Over at “The Pure Flix Podcast,” Christian Fitness Expert Kim Dolan Leto Reveals the Missing Link to Fitness Success: Kim joins the show to discuss how she got fit by bringing faith into the mix. Plus: spiritual tips to survive and thrive in 2021! Listen to this episode of “The Pure Flix Podcast” on Edifi!

“Everyday Discernment” Sits Down With Kenny Luck and Tackles Dangerous Good: What happens when we compartmentalize our discernment? Our life in God reflects our view of God. In this week's episode, Kenny Luck is the guest.  Kenny is the pastor at Crossline Church in Laguna Hills, California.  He is an award-winning author of 24 books covering marriage, family and men’s issues including his most recent book “Dangerous Good.” Listen to Luck dive into life, faith and more on this episode of “Everyday Discernment!” 

In addition to these episodes, consider exploring season one of “Politely Rude With Abby Johnson” and “Doubting It With Charlotte Pence Bond” (and stay tuned for the start of season two of both shows later this month) among other great shows!

Politely Rude With Abby Johnson: Parenting, life, politics and navigating the daily chaos. "Politely Rude With Abby Johnson" — hosted by pro-life advocate Abby Johnson — offers a powerful exploration of the issues you care about. Dive in today to hear one of the pro-life movement’s biggest and most powerful voices break down the issues of the day. Listen to “Politely Rude With Abby Johnson” on the Edifi Podcast Network!

Doubting It With Charlotte Pence Bond: “Doubting It" explores the powerful issues of faith, culture and doubt. Hosted by Charlotte Pence Bond — author and daughter of Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence — this show explores some of the most essential questions about our faith journeys. Through powerful interviews with transformational guests, Charlotte gets us thinking deeper about the power of asking questions — and how seeking truth can strengthen our faith in God and deepen our relationship with Him. Listen to episodes of “Doubting It” on Edifi today.

The Church Boys”:  Just some silly guys talking about faith, family, culture, and other shinola. Hosts Chris Field, Lucas Miles and Billy Hallowell get some good laughs while tackling some of the more serious issues of the day. Take a listen. You'll laugh. You'll scream. You'll come back. Listen to “The Church Boys” on Edifi!

The Line of Fire: The Ask Dr. Brown Series: Celebrated apologist, radio host, and author Dr. Michael Brown breaks down some of the most pressing questions about faith, the Bible, and culture. Journey with Dr. Brown as he systematically and beautifully explains complex topics, tackles today’s controversies, and answers your most difficult questions. Each episode of "The Line of Fire: Listen to “The Line of Fire: The Ask Dr. Brown Series” on the Edifi Podcast Network.

Prophecy Pros: Two experts. One topic. No Confusion. Show hosts, Jeff Kinley and Todd Hampson, are on a mission to reach the next generation with the inspiring, hopeful message found in Bible prophecy. Jeff empowers people with God’s “Vintage Truth.” He is the author of more than 30 books and speaks all across America, motivating Christians to live for Christ and to prepare for His soon coming. Todd is a best-selling author, speaker, illustrator, and animation producer with a burden to reach the next generation with the Gospel through the convincing proofs of Bible prophecy and apologetics. Listen to “Prophecy Pros” on Edifi today!

Marinate on That: Dr. Derwin Gray is the lead pastor of Transformation Church a multiethnic, multi-generational, mission-shaped community near Charlotte, NC. “Marinate On That” is where Dr. Gray will discuss theology, discipleship, leadership, marriage, and the multiethnic church. Start listening to “Marinate on That” right now on the Edifi Podcast Network.

Raising Christian Kids”: Raising Christian Kids podcast is for parents, grandparents, teachers, ministry leaders, and all who are raising the next generation to have a strong foundation in Jesus. Lee Ann Mancini's episodes will educate and empower you to be the best spiritual leader for your child. Listen to “Raising Christian Kids” on Edifi!

The Lucas Miles Show: The Lucas Miles Show hosts an eclectic list of top national guests. The show features deep diving long form interviews to help Lucas and his audience get to know his guests in new and exciting ways. Lucas brings his background as filmmaker, pastor, author, entrepreneur, and lay theologian, to entertain, inform, and explore Christian news, current events, film, leadership, theology, and literature - all to encourage his audience and uplift Jesus! Listen to “The Lucas Miles Show” on Edifi!

The Tina Nzuki Podcast: “The Tina Nzuki Podcast” revolves around people's raw and vulnerable stories. The show features riveting conversations with people in various spheres of influence — individuals with a profound impact on society. Tina facilitates humorous banter and candid talk about people's journeys. Listen to The Tina Nzuki Podcast if you are seeking purpose-driven conversations that elevate, entertain, enlighten, inspire and inform — a fascinating and fun-filled guide to gain a new perspective on life. Listen to “The Tina Nzuki Podcast” right now on the Edifi Podcast Network.

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