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A story of redemption

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Jim Domen never imagined that he would enter the homosexual lifestyle after being raised in a God-fearing home and accepting Christ at age seven. He says that he was so desperate to love and be loved that he didn’t care that his homosexual partner was HIV positive. But God changed his life forever on June 8, 2002, when he lost all his worldly possessions and distinctly heard God’s voice telling him to come back to Him. “I began to realize that His strength is made perfect in my weakness – even in someone as broken as me,” says Jim. Now Jim shares his story and related thoughts in a new book called, “Not a Mistake: Parent’s Hope For Their Gay Son.” 

After graduating from seminary, Jim became a pastor at Rose Drive Friends Church, and he realized that he could no longer ignore the troublesome news about gays and public policy, and it discouraged him when he heard from Christians who did not understand how to articulate their worldview. He became active in the Proposition 8 debate in California and found himself on the front lines promoting God’s plan for marriage: the union between a man and woman. His book addresses Jim’s thoughts on the related spiritual and public policy issues of homosexuality, marriage, and parenting.

Not A Mistake
“Not a Mistake: Parent’s Hope For Their Gay Son” is now available for sale on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

In his new book, “Not a Mistake: Parent’s Hope For Their Gay Son,” Jim Domen answers the questions that parents struggle with when their son is gay. Are you a parent struggling with LGBTQ questions? Do you wonder if you did something wrong? Do you question how to love your child? Is there hope? This book is about Jim’s personal journey, growing up with same-sex attraction, his parents' response when he "came out," his prodigal return, and his ongoing struggles as he leads his wife, his children, and his ministry to serve Christ Jesus. Jim Domen shares his personal stories and the story of many others who grapple with same-sex attraction, with sensitivity and hope. 

Compassionately written with deep personal reflection, “Not a Mistake” provides an essential biblically-based resource for parents, families, and friends of loved ones with same-sex attraction. Jim addresses all of the central questions, from using preferred pronouns to attending gay weddings and parenting children who identify as LGBTQ.

Most important of all - the essential message is this: Your parenting is not a mistake. Your child is not a mistake! “Not a Mistake: Parent’s Hope For Their Gay Son” is now available for sale on Amazon and wherever books are sold.