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Anti-Zionism, Discredited

Conspiracy U |

Jews make up only two percent of the U.S. population, yet sixty percent of hate crimes related to religion are directed against Jews. Baseless hatred of people often goes hand in hand with bizarre claims in order to stir violence and fear towards them. In my new book, Conspiracy U: A Case Study (Wicked Son, 2021), I demonstrate how professors in academia - specifically, Northwestern University - break away from rational thinking into the dangerous waters of conspiracy theories. You would think in academia, professors would understand the differences between a conspiracy theory and a theory, though that is not the case these days. My alma mater, Northwestern University, has professors that attempt to make arguments that they portray as scholarly discourses - when in reality, they are merely conspiracy theories dressed up with fancy words. Conspiracy U takes readers through the journey of Jewish history and how Israel is central to both Judaism and Christianity. Students should be able to rely on professors to teach facts and not to display blatant biases.

Conspiracy U exposes how conspiracy theories drawn from far-right and far-left ideologies masquerade as scholarship at many universities, beyond Northwestern University as well, which is endangering our norms and conceptions of morality and truth. On Amazon, Conspiracy U has become a #1 Amazon New Book Release in many categories, including Study & Teaching of History, Jewish History of Religion and Israeli History. The Detroit Free Press calls it "a devastating and clear-minded deep dive into the phenomenon of conspiracy theories." The undertaking to write the book, has taken me over two years - an honor I did for my late father, who after surviving the Holocaust and its horrors, instilled the importance of both my faith in God and Jewish self-determination.

The timing for Conspiracy U: A Case Study seems more urgent than ever - anti-Zionism is on the rise, BDS is becoming more widespread as it fans out from campuses, and the bi-partisan consensus on Israel seems as though it might be at a tipping point.

The book started as a 2500-word essay about lessons I learned from my father. As you read Conspiracy U, I hope you will feel the energy that I have put into the book. Many universities have harbored anti-Zionist and Holocaust denying tenured professors who use their professorial credentials to spread anti-Jewish conspiracy theories in the classroom and beyond. My book is about more than anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, it is about the fundamental corruption of the pursuit of truth that is taking place in too many parts of academia.

Susan Keefe of the Midwest Book Review, says that the “depth of research which has gone into this book is astounding. The author really gives the non-Jewish reader an insight into the battles the Jewish people have endured over the centuries, and the strength of their religious belief to sustain their faith against adversity. I found this book extremely thought-provoking, and my eyes were truly opened to the politics of the far-right and far-left in their anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic, and anti-Zionist conspiracy theories. However, in reading this book, I also fully comprehend the complete depth of harm conspiracy theories can cause in all aspects of society.”

Conspiracy U is a case study on how academia is promoting anti-Jewish and false facts about a people; it is relatable to everyone whether religious or secular.  

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