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Are the End Times Upon Us? Israel, Chaos, Scripture — and Where We're Headed Next

Two experts. One topic. No Confusion. Show hosts, Jeff Kinley and Todd Hampson. |

Are the biblical end times upon us? That's a question many are increasingly asking, especially as ongoing chaos rages in the Middle East — and in our culture.

Explore prophecy on the Edifi Podcast Network with the "Prophecy Pros!" Two experts. One topic. No Confusion. Hosts Jeff Kinley and Todd Hampson are on a mission to reach the next generation with the inspiring, hopeful message found in Bible prophecy.

Listen today — and check out some of the recent episodes:

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- Wait Jesus! Don't Come Just Yet! Expecting the Lord's return while trying to plan for the future can be difficult to navigate. This can be especially challenging for the next generation, but there is a way to pursue your plans with an eternal perspective. Listen to the episode!

- Olivier Melnick: Global Anti-Semitism and God's Plan for Israel: Listen in as we discuss the scriptural relevance of anti-semitism in the world today. Tune in to this episode!

We hope you enjoy other episodes of "Prophecy Pros" as well! And for more faith-inspiring podcasts, download the Edifi podcast app on the Apple and Google Play stores and at Edifi.app.

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