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Finding Purity, Confronting Spiritual Issues and Living Fearlessly: 5 Essential Podcasts to Carry You Into 2022


The New Year is a wonderful time to ponder where we have been, where we are, and where we want to go. As we approach God and seek His blessings and guidance for the year ahead, here are some podcasts that can help us self-reflect and grow in our faith.

From the struggle for sexual purity to answers on some of the toughest biblical questions, start binging these powerful shows today:


LET’S TALK PURITY: Purity isn’t just for singles – it’s for everyone. It’s not just for a season of life – it’s a lifestyle. Join hosts Richard and Brittni De La Mora as they redefine purity and explore the many areas of your life in which pursuing it is essential. Start 2022 out right by listening to “Let’s Talk Purity” and tackling these issues in your life.

CRAZY HAPPY: No matter what we face, God wants us to be crazy happy…but many of us look for happiness in all the wrong places. God designed real and fulfilling paths to happiness — ways to live lives that are more joy-filled. Each week on the “Crazy Happy Podcast,” pastor and author Daniel Fusco and co-host Billy Hallowell invite their friends (including some of the biggest names in faith) to talk about life, happiness and so much more. Listen to “Crazy Happy.”


CHALLENGING CONVERSATIONS: Do you struggle with knowing what to say and how to say it when a controversial topic comes up? “Challenging Conversations,” hosted by best-selling author and worldview expert Jason Jimenez, is a conversational podcast designed to help Christians overcome their fears and learn to respectfully engage people of a different view or belief system. You will gain insight as Jason and his guests get into deep conversations about the Christian faith and discuss how Christians ought to be defending the gospel as they speak the truth in love to those around them. Hear “Challenging Conversations” right now on Edifi!


LIVING FEARLESS DEVOTIONAL: Andy, a former Anaheim Police Officer and Hedieh, a former Muslim and Counterterrorism expert who became a Christian, share their real life joys and challenges of following Jesus, with the help of various daily devotional authors. Listen to “Living Fearless Devotional” right now on Edifi!

COMPELLED: Compelled is a seasonal podcast using gripping, immersive storytelling to celebrate the powerful ways God is transforming the lives of Christians around the world. These Christian testimonies are raw, true, and powerful. Be encouraged and let your faith be strengthened! Listen to “Compelled” right now on Edifi!

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