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Get Eight Hours of Sleep to Stay Healthy with This Top Rated App


There are few things in life more important than a good night’s sleep. In fact, there’s hardly anything better than waking up feeling refreshed and energized. But, did you know not getting a full eight hours of sleep can actually be detrimental to your health?

According to the CDC, adults who get less than seven hours of sleep are more likely to be obese, physically inactive, and have chronic health conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and depression.

If you have been struggling to get your eight hours of sleep, then you have probably already researched a variety of different methods to help, such as meditation and sound machines. However, since everyone is different, it can be difficult to find the best approach for you without spending stacks of cash. 

Thankfully, there is an app that combines multiple methods, including soothing sounds, breathing techniques, body-mind exercises, and bedtime stories to help you fall right to sleep.


The Relax Melodies Meditation App is recommended by leading doctors and neuropsychologists and is designed to help you overcome insomnia, tinnitus, night-time anxiety, and lower everyday stress. 

If you still are not sure this is the right product for you, then just take a look at its overwhelming accolades. Currently, the Relax Melodies Meditation App is rated 4.6 stars on the Google Play Store and 4.8 stars on the Apple App Store. Business Insider called it “the most positively reviewed app in the history of the Apple App Store,” and The Guardian described it as “a GPS directing you how to fall asleep!”

You can score a lifetime subscription to the app for $79.99—that’s down from $250! If you want to try it out before committing, then you can also grab a 1-year subscription for just $29.99

Now go forth and get some much-needed shut-eye!

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