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Loving a Culture in Conflict

Becoming Great

We know the Bible, we know the words. We even know the right course of action. But what about our hearts? Are our hearts right? As the political and cultural storms increase in our country and around the world, we are called as Christians to respond according to the words and actions of Jesus. But so often we get caught up in the culture “wars” that we forget about how to speak and act from our hearts, and from the heart of Jesus. 

In his inspiring, Christ-centered series of Essays, Vide Press author Greg Wallace challenges the American Church to focus on Jesus rather than on the cultural storms of the day. Each essay emboldens the Church to serve others in Christlike love rather than pursuing and exercising greater worldly authority. Becoming Great: Loving a Culture in Conflict guides us through the rough waters of our world to rely more and more on our Lord and Savior.

As the cultural storms increase in frequency and intensity, Wallace reminds us that our tools are not the tools of the world but are mighty in God in pulling down strongholds. If we are to be more like Christ, then we should act as He did, "Love each other just as much as I have loved you." 

This collection of essays highlights the marvelous truths of our true identity as love. The author is an ambassador of love who will impact your heart with the revelation for the body of Christ which is to love like Jesus. The revelation of truth in this book about our nature of love will catapult the readers to grow and mature in love to shine brightly in the world. Becoming Great: Loving a Culture in Conflict revitalizes the only strategy Jesus gave to His disciples which is to love like He has loved us.

Readers agree that Wallace’s book is truly transformational. “At the core of Greg’s book, the idea of Christlike nature as a solution for a culture that’s in desperate need of healing, should provoke a myriad of emotions, thoughts, and ideas. In its most practical application is the requirement, as Greg challenges us afresh, to “answer the call” of serving one another in love. Greg’s ability to work through this process by sharing his own sense of betrayal yet uncompromising commitment to the overall health and continued effectiveness of the Church, is a motivating, clear blueprint, for self-introspection and heartfelt change,” writes John Bokowski, CEO, Kings Road Group

Another reader, Bo Salisburgy, Kingdom Culture International, writes, “Greg does a great job articulating how every believer has a mandate to extend Kingdom Culture from their very heart, life and Kingdom relationships to every environment they have significant access to. Apostles lead this charge but all believers who receive apostolic grace are postured to execute the dominion mandate in very practical ways, not through heavy-handed manipulation, but through the influence of love and servanthood.”

Greg Wallace regularly teaches, writes, and consults on leadership, change, and governance in the corporate, non-profit, and ministry arenas. He is the Chief Academic Officer of Wagner University, an online Christian university in Rancho Cucamonga, California. In this role, Greg builds the capacity of leaders to meet their own definition of success. He builds the capacity of organizations as well as leaders as the president of his own enterprise, The Wallace Group, and its ministry arm, KG Ministries. 

Becoming Great: Loving a Culture in Conflict is now available wherever books are sold.