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New Book on Sex and Society

sex and society

Today, it would be difficult to overstate how profoundly our attitudes toward sex and its meaning have changed. Our grandparents would not even recognize us. Blinded by the myth of inexorable cultural progress, progressive leftists have distorted sexuality and continue to foster their nontraditional values in our culture and with our children. 

In his new Vide Press book, Sex and Society: God’s Design, Tradition, and the Pursuit of Happiness, clinical psychologist J. Michael Kuiper presents compelling evidence that our freefall from tradition has also produced a freefall in happiness. Despite an insatiable quest for freedom and self-fulfillment, we have become a troubled and confused society with a remarkable decline in mental and spiritual health. With irrefutable research and unbiased analysis, Kuiper answers important questions:

  • Are sexual revolutionaries leading us down a destructive path?
  • Is our mental health improving or deteriorating?
  • Are we witnessing self-actualization or self-destruction?  
  • What happens when we pretend that gender differences do not exist?
  • Do we ignore pornography’s influence on our children? 
  • Are we fostering more love and joy or hate and disgust?

Kuiper’s Vide Press book is a tour de force, well-evidenced, with solid thinking and writing Both believers and non-believers alike will be challenged to rethink how the “sexual revolution” is impacting our culture in ways that may literally destroy it. 

Sex and Society: God’s Design, Tradition, and the Pursuit of Happiness is being recommended as a “must-read” book by some of the country’s leading thought leaders, theologians, and other professional clinicians. “Applying rigorous critical thinking and psychological research, Dr. Kuiper offers a timely and authoritative expose of the sexual ideologies undermining our civilization. In contrast, he presents a powerful apology for historic sexual traditions and biblical values. A must-read for concerned students, professors, pastors and other thought leaders,” writes Rev. David Branson, Ph.D., and author of “More Love: How to Experience More of the God who Loves You.” Steve Weathersbee, LMFT, seminary grad and former missionary, also writes, “Impressive scholarship and sound reasoning. A must-read for every seminary student and every graduate student in psychology in Christian universities in America!” Finally, Dr. Stan DeKove, the author of Marriage and Family Life: A Christian Perspective and Journey to Wholeness, writes “Well written and extremely well researched, but it is not easy, in that it confronts some of the most outrageous lies propagated by universities and media regarding sexuality. As a clinician and theologian, I am grateful to Dr. Kuiper for writing this courageous work to help enlighten, first the church, and hopefully, the larger community of the wrong path post-modernism and libertarian attitudes and actions have taken us. My hope is that the reader will remain truly open-minded as she or he reads…it will certainly challenge thinking for the better.”

J. Michael Kuiper is a clinical psychologist who holds a Ph.D. and a Doctor in Ministry degree with a specialty in marriage and family counseling. He teaches, lectures, writes, and speaks internationally on topics related to sexuality. His book is now available wherever books are sold.