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Roma Downey, Lee Strobel, Michael Jr. and More: 8 Podcasts You Won’t Want to Miss This Week

Looking for a great podcast this week? The Edifi Podcast Network has some powerful content you won't want to miss! 

From interviews with Christian comedians, authors and actors like Lee Strobel, Roma Downey and Michael Jr., to serious deep dives into persecution, evil and the ways in which we can grow our faith, there’s no shortage of content!

Here are just 8 episodes you won’t want to miss:


The Inspired Legacy Podcast: Funny How Life Works With Michael Jr.: Life can be more similar to comedy than we realize. And rather than assume our days are random and the obstacles we encounter unfortunate, we should strategically embrace life’s events as part of a setup that leads to a punchline. This is the theme behind the new book, “Funny How Life Works” by comedian Michael Jr. Listen as we unpack his book, life, career, and so much more in this funny and inspirational interview. 

Politely Rude With Abby Johnson: The Horrors of Christian Persecution: Gia Chacón Breaks Down What Believers Face Across the Globe: Gia Chacón of For the Martyrs breaks down the horrors of Christian persecution abroad — and Abby dives into COVID-19 restrictions and the warning signs she believes Americans must see when they explore these essential issues. Listen to this episode today!


Strong. Confident. His. with Kim Dolan Leto: Jesus Can Unbreak Your Heart: Are you in a season of trials? Do you feel broken? Maybe today you’re hiding your brokenness: eating to comfort numb or sabotage your goals, not working out because you’ve lost hope, or even overcompensating and striving to attain goals to cover your brokenness. Our brokenness is like a foot that keeps tripping us, and it can only be healed by Jesus. Listen to this powerful episode.


The Pure Flix Podcast: From an Atheist Journalist to One of the Most Popular Christian Evangelists: Lee Strobel's Crazy Conversion Story (Plus: Roma Downey Drops By): In this powerful episode, Lee Strobel reveals his journey into faith and Roma Downey discusses the risks she and Mark Burnett took to bring more faith content to Hollywood. Hear these powerful interviews right now.

On The Edge With Ken Harrison: Navy SEAL Jeff Bramstedt Shares How His Walk with Christ Inspired Him to Donate a Portion of His Liver to Someone He Had Never Met: Ken Harrison is joined by former U.S. Navy SEAL and Founder of Life of Valor, Jeff Bramstedt. Together they discuss what it takes to become a U.S. Navy SEAL, surrounding yourself with people whose strengths are your weaknesses, and Bramstedt’s story of donating a portion of his liver out of Christian love for someone he had never met. Hear the powerful episode.

Prophecy Pros: Billy Hallowell: Spiritual Warfare and the Demonic: Billy Hallowell returns to the podcast to chat about his modern investigation into the demonic. Listen to this fascinating discussion about evil.


Raising Christian Kids: Helping Your Child Gain Spiritual Wisdom: We all desire and seek spiritual wisdom in different ways… Just as Solomon did, we must ask God for spiritual wisdom, as it is a gift from Him. Solomon could have asked for anything, but he knew that having godly wisdom would be all he needed. Grab wisdom with this episode of the show! 

Let’s Talk Purity: Drugs, Chaos and Pain: The Message God Gave Brittni in the Midst of Addiction: As addiction continues to ravage lives around the nation and world, Brittni shares her incredible journey of hope and healing — and reveals the message God gave her in the midst of addiction. Brittni and Richard also deliver a powerful message to anyone struggling with addiction. Hear Brittni’s story.

Want even more podcasts? You're in luck! The Edifi Podcast Network and the Edifi app are filled with thousands of shows you can listen to right now. Dive in here!