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The graduating class of 2022 is in for a big surprise this May. Are they ready for it?

After a lackluster year of job creation, 2022 is poised to be a much stronger year for new graduates. According to The New York Times, "Seniors and graduates are again in demand as companies revive recruiting, underscoring the economic premium that comes with a diploma."

This is good news for this emerging generation, but there will still be obstacles. With more employers opening back up, the experienced employee will still be in demand, making things a challenge for new grads. Fortunately, "challenge" is not an unfamiliar word for Gen Z, and this new book from Dr. Billy Wilson shines a light on our new generation of leaders and sees tremendous potential for everyone's future.

In "Generation Z: Born for the Storm," Dr. William M. "Billy" Wilson, president of Oral Roberts University, inspires and informs readers to help Gen Z-ers fulfill their destinies. It's fast-paced, packed full of insights, and richly researched. It is designed to call Gen Z to pursue God and serve His purposes in today’s turbulent times we live in. 

Billy Wilson reveals that all people look for a cause, a reason, and a place where they can bury their hearts and that Gen Z will find in Jesus a cause so compelling that they will commit everything to it. 

Many times, God's greatest victories are seen amid a storm. Gen Z will see the glory of God as they achieve success because they are born for the storm. 

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Generation Z: Born for the Storm is for: 

  •  Members of Gen Z who long to live lives of purpose and make their lives count for God 

  • Parents who seek to raise sons and daughters committed to building God's kingdom 

  • Pastors and youth leaders who seek to understand better the challenges faced by today's youth, the potential this generation has for God, and how to inspire them to reach that potential

  • Leaders, managers, and employers who seek to motivate their Gen Z employees to maximize productivity and impact

  • Educators who seek to truly understand and impactfully connect with their students

Gen Z—born in a time of unprecedented societal upheaval with a strong desire to make their lives count—is distinguishing itself as the "purpose" generation. Because of this, Gen Z must be equipped to discover and fulfill their God-given purpose in a new way for the opportunities they will discover and the storms in their path. They are ready. They are willing. They are born for the storm.

You can order Generation Z: Born for the Storm now at drbillywilsonbooks.com or click on the book title.


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