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This Week on the Edifi Podcast Network: An Ex-Abortion Nurse, Miracles, John Bevere, Lee Strobel, Why ‘Socialism Isn't Biblical’ and More!


If you’re looking for powerful and thought-provoking Christian podcasts that will take you deeper into your faith, look no further than the Edifi app

The Edifi Podcast Network is filled with uplifting spiritual content that will help you navigate life, think deeper about important issues and better connect with God. Here’s what’s happening this week on Edifi:


On “Politely Rude” With Abby Johnson: Julie Wilkinson knows the ins and outs of the abortion industry all too well. She was once an abortion nurse, but after she left her role and found faith, everything changed. Listen to Julie tell Abby Johnson her incredible story, and learn about what she experienced inside the industry. Listen right now on Edifi!

And in another recent episode, Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony List, an organization devoted to electing pro-life political candidates, dives into a key question at the core of the abortion debate: is winning the ideological war about capturing hearts, changing laws — or both? Listen to her explanation.


On “Raising Christian Kids”: How do we respond when kids ask, “Are miracles real?” A miracle is known to be an event that cannot be explained by natural or scientific laws and is considered to be the work of God. But, a miracle is not necessarily a violation of the laws of nature or science. Listen to host Lee Ann Mancini break it down on Edifi!

On “Edifi With Billy Hallowell”: John Bevere breaks down what the "fear of the Lord" really means and how we find God's will for our lives. Dive into the exploration of fear, love and so much more, as Bevere discusses "X: Multiply Your God-Given Potential." Listen on Edifi!

Plus, country music star Coffey Anderson takes us inside his new Netflix show "Country Ever After" and his faith journey. His incredible story and his wife Criscilla's bravery during her cancer journey have captivated and inspired millions. Listen to him explain it all on this episode of "Edifi."

Official Doubting It Graphic

On “Doubting It” With Charlotte Pence Bond: "Case for Christ" author Lee Strobel joins Charlotte Pence Bond to explain the investigation that led him from being an atheist journalist to a Christian and, years later, one of the most impactful apologists. Strobel's stunning journey has been told through his books as well as the feature film, "The Case for Christ." Listen to him join Bond to discuss faith, doubt and more! 

Plus, Charlotte delivers a powerful message about grief, chaos, 2020 — and what it truly means to give thanks in all circumstances. In the midst of an insane year with a pandemic, personal challenges for all — and a difficult election cycle — her message will inspire you

On “The Pure Flix Podcast”: Becky Thompson discusses her new book, "Peace" and how we can find it in the midst of chaos. Plus: let's explore the most popular Bible verse of 2020. Listen on Edifi!


On “Vintage Truth” With Jeff Kinley: Do all believers get the holy spirit? What is the deal when you get saved? Do you get any or all of the Spirit at that time? Or do you have to wait until a later date and experience? Jeff breaks it all down from scripture — listen to part one of the discussion and part two can be found here.

On “Idleman Unplugged”: Pastor Shane Idleman tackles an essential topic and question: Why would a loving God send people to hell? Listen to him explore these issues on Edifi!

On “The Line of Fire: The Ask Dr. Brown Series”: Dr. Michael Brown breaks down why socialism isn't biblical, appealing to scripture to explain one of the biggest political issues — and debates — in our current cultural climate. Listen to Dr. Brown’s explanation.

Everyday Discernment

On “Everyday Discernment”: Justin Dean is an entrepreneur and founder of The Sunday Group, helping churches thrive from Sunday to Sunday. He served as the Communications Director at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, is the author of PR Matters: A Survival Guide for Church Communicators, and is the creator of That Church Conference. Listen to him discuss the importance of taking a step of faith without seeing past that choice and plenty more!

The Relationship Centre

On “The Relationship Centre”: What does it mean to have Joy? Ernest Wamboye, Deborah Rao, and David Kimani discuss where to find true joy and what the joy of the Lord is. Listen on Edifi!

And that’s just some of the great content now available on the Edifi app! From prophecy to faith, politics and parenting advice, the Edifi Podcast Network has you covered! There’s something for everyone, with more shows launching in the coming weeks. So, head on over to the Apple and Android stores and download the Edifi app now, or listen online.