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Understanding God's Purpose For Your Life: Gaining 'Everyday Discernment'

Everyday Discernment

We make thousands of decisions daily, but how do you make the “right” ones? What if we could avoid some bad decisions by having a better understanding of God’s outline for our life?

Some negative consequences from decision-making are unavoidable, but the Bible gives us a game plan for our life and a road map which we can follow

The "Everyday Discernment" podcast focuses on lessons from the Bible that we can apply to our life as well as learning from amazing Christian guests. We will discuss how we learned from our failures and celebrate our victories. You will gain a better understanding of discernment which will help you make better daily decisions and deepen your Christian walk!

Tim Ferrara has a following across multiple social media sites as “Discerning Dad.” Listen to his phenomenal interviews and gain the insight you need to live the Christian life!

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