4 in 10 American Females are Obese, Study Says: 5 Ways to Fight Obesity

Obesity Among American Women Reaches Record High

Obesity has been associated with cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, alarming people on what they can do for their health. However, new study reveals that obesity among American women has reached 40%, the highest rate ever recorded so far.

Record High Numbers

Analysis was conducted on the figures of researches by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the period between 2005 and 2014. It revealed a significant spike in the number of women who are obese while men showed little difference in the rates.

The lack of energy balance has been the primary cause of overweight and obesity according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Foods are the source of energy for our body. When we take in food, it has to be in the exact amount of energy we actually need to do daily activities so that the energy would not be stored as fat.

5 Easy Ways to Stop Obesity

Check your daily calorie intake. In one way or another, with this in mind, you can get to avoid "energy dense" foods. These are any foods that you could think of that would make you consume more than 300 calories in one gulp. We're talking about quarter-pound burgers, milkshakes and a large order of fries. They are fun to have every now and then, just not all the time.

Understand your cravings. Our body has a natural instinct to balance the nutrition it needs. If you're craving for chocolate, it could mean your body needs a replenishment of magnesium, chromium, B-vitamins and/or essential fatty acids. Instead of milk chocolate, you may drink hot cocoa or snack on dark chocolate pieces.

Keep moving around. If you're heading to a location which is just one or two floors, prefer to climb the stairs instead of queueing to the elevators. Instead of getting a cab, walk to the bus station. Stand from your office chair time and again. Go to the water station and sip on water from time to time. It will help you rehydrate and keep you walking to and fro the restroom. Hence, physical activity is continuous.

Know the good and the bad sugary foods. In reality, fruits are actually dense in sugars, too. However, the contents of fruits are easier for the body to digest and are filled with nutrients your body has actually been craving compared to lollipops and other candies. Limit your consumption of cakes, brownies and other pastries as well.

Take inspiration from athletes. They do a lot of jumping, skipping and running and that is to strengthen their body and lengthen their endurance. Exercise to be fit, not just look good. There's no need to go to the gym. Choose a sport you are more interested in, or just skip rope. Studies have shown skipping rope for an hour will help you burn about 720 calories.

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