'Atlanta' Season 1, Episode 4 Spoilers and News: New FX Show Shaping up to be a Commercial Success – Can it Continue to Impress? Episode 3 Recap

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FX's new comedy-drama series "Atlanta" continues to perform well in the ratings game since it premiered early this month. After three episodes, the coming-of-age television show appeared to be gearing towards commercial success. Can the fourth episode "The Streisand Effect" sustain the critically acclaimed beginnings?

Episode 3 Recap: 'Go for Broke'

"Atlanta" tells the journey of cousins Earnest "Earn" Marks (Donald Glover) and Alfred "Paper Boi" Miles (Brian Tyree Henry) who wanted to penetrate the Atlanta rap scene to improve their lives and help their families. Alfred is an up-and-coming rapper, while Earn is a young Princeton dropout who manages his cousin's fledging career.

The third episode "Go for Broke" highlighted Earn and Alfred's contrasting money issues. Earn gave up his low-paying job as a credit card salesman to attend to Alfred's rap career, but he found himself incapable of paying his bills. On the other hand, Alfred made sufficient amount of money from drug dealing, but he puts his life in great danger.

The episode featured some hilarious yet heartbreaking scenes. Earn wanted to bring his girlfriend Van (Zazie Beets) to an expensive date but he is broke. He wanted to purchase a regular value meal from a fast-food restaurant, but his money is only enough for a kid's meal.

Moreover, Earn learned about Alfred's sideline and advised him to stay alive. Alfred and his fellow drug dealer Darius (Keith Stanfield) went to a wooded area to carry out a major transaction. The two were supposed to be killed if they were not disrupted by Earn who called Alfred and asked for $20 in order to take Van to a date.

The episode showed Alfred starting to realize that he has been risking his life with his drug dealing sideline. On the other hand, Earn had a major argument with Van during their date. Van wanted him to work as a security officer to be a good provider to their daughter, but Earn insisted of managing Alfred's career.

Episode 4 Spoilers: 'The Streisand Effect'

The trailer of the upcoming episode suggests that problems will continue to arise as the plot thickens. Earn will deal with his mounting money problems, while Alfred will go nuts because of social media.

According to Christopher Hooton of The Independent, the upcoming episodes are worth watching because the new FX series captivates right from the start. He stated that the dark comedy-drama would surely become one of the best new shows this year if it can sustain for the rest of the season.

Per Paste Magazine, the pilot episode of "Atlanta" garnered the strongest ratings for any basic-cable comedy show since 2013. It also marked as the biggest comedy premiere for any FX show since 2011. It engaged 1.2 million adult viewers under 50.

The fourth episode of "Atlanta" "will air on Tuesday night, Sept 20. The pilot season will have 10 episodes.

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