'Fallout 76' News: Level and Camp Protections Will Be in Place to Curb Toxic Behavior

Player camps will even disappear when they are not in the game

The main concern many fans still have about "Fallout 76" is related to how the developers will prevent certain players from harassing others in the game.

Practices like griefing and spawn-killing have become prevalent in online games, and that's led to once pleasant gaming communities becoming havens for toxic players.

The good news for prospective players is that the developers are including certain measures in the game that are designed to counteract the toxic practices, and Bethesda's Todd Howard even talked about those during a recent interview with Multiplayer.

Translations of Howard's comments during that interview can be seen in this Reddit thread.

First off, Howard revealed that players cannot be killed in the game until they reach level 5. Presumably, this mechanic is meant to give newer players a chance to get their legs underneath them and give them a fighting chance.

Howard added that they are open to tweaking that mechanic eventually as well as trying out other features that could provide players with more control over what kinds of experiences they will have in "Fallout 76."

Players also don't need to worry about troublemakers showing up and destroying the settlements they have worked so hard to build. Howard revealed that those settlements can only be partially damaged, and even repairing them is easily affordable. Settlements will also disappear when their creators go offline.

Speaking of the settlements, fans can learn more about how to set one up in the game by checking out the video below.