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Abortion is not an act of love

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A pregnant pro-life demonstrator and her daughter kneel before the Supreme Court in Washington October 6, 2008. Amid a presidential race that may decide its future direction, the Supreme Court began a new term today with cases about tobacco company lawsuits, protecting whales from Navy sonar and a government crackdown on dirty words on television. |

The abortion industry often uses lofty language to dress up appalling actions. Phrases like “termination of a pregnancy,” “abortion care,” “reproductive health care” and “pro-choice” are just a smattering of examples.

This tactic was on full display recently at the United States Capitol.

During the House Oversight Committee’s hearing on newly enacted pro-life laws, Dr. Ghazeleh Moayedi, an OB-GYN, testified against Texas Senate Bill 8 (SB8). The bill took effect on September 1 and outlawed abortions after a preborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected.

While speaking against SB8, Dr. Moayedi added this pernicious line.

“I know firsthand that abortion saves lives. For the thousands of people I’ve cared for, abortion is a blessing, abortion is an act of love, abortion is freedom (emphasis added)."

If you did a double-take after reading that, you’re not alone.

These brash and brazen lies should shock the conscience.

Let’s start with the doctor’s assertion that abortion saves lives.

We’ve heard much about “following the science” over the last year and a half. And when discussing life in the womb, the science is crystal clear. Life begins at conception.

The scientific field of embryology confirms this.

Keith Moore, Ph.D., writes in Essentials of Human Embryology, “Human development begins after the union of male and female gametes or germ cells during a process known as fertilization (conception).”

T.W. Sadler, Ph.D., concludes in Langman’s Medical Embryology, “The development of a human begins with fertilization.”

And Bruce M. Carlson, M.D., Ph.D. writes in Patten’s Foundations of Embryology, “Almost all higher animals start their lives from a single cell, the fertilized ovum (zygote)… The time of fertilization represents the starting point in the life history, or ontogeny, of the individual.”

As to when life begins, the science is settled.

Therefore, every abortion takes at least one life. That of the preborn child.

Now, is abortion “a blessing” or an “act of love”?

Not even close.

Thomas Aquinas defined love as “willing the good of the other.”

A woman who actively wills the elimination and destruction of her preborn child is acting directly contrary to love. As are those men who encourage their partner to abort their child.

And if you ask almost any parent, they’ll tell you that though parenthood is challenging and trying, children are a blessing.

Abortion, the violent and systematic elimination of those children, isn’t.

For those who deliberately obscure what abortion really is, the Good Book has something to say: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness.” (Isaiah 5:20).

Pope John Paul II, in his 1995 encyclical Evangelium Vitae, translated “The Gospel of Life,” wrote, “Today there exists a great multitude of weak and defenseless human beings, unborn children in particular, whose fundamental right to life is being trampled upon.”

“Only respect for life can be the foundation and guarantee of the most precious and essential goods of society, such as democracy and peace,” he added.

Americans frequently pride themselves on living in the freest, greatest, and most exceptional nation on earth. Why else would a nearly 20 foot tall, bronze Statue of Freedom sit atop our U.S. Capitol building?

But consider, can a nation that kills nearly 1 million preborn children each year really be called “exceptional,” “great” or “free”?

If you were one of the hundreds of thousands of preborn children aborted in the United States this year, how would you see our nation?

To be clear, abortion isn’t an act of love.

Choosing life is.

Zachary Mettler is a staff writer for The Daily Citizen at Focus on the Family. 

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